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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  September 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> thanks so much for joining us tonight at 10:00. here's brian with the news edge at 11:00. we start off with the news edge with breaking news. a man stabbed his own home during a violent home invasion. sky fox live high above the scene. police tell us two people broke into a house shortly before 10:00 this evening. once inside, the suspect stabbed a resident and stole his car. police are looking for the car and the two men who stole it. the vic tom flown to a nearby trauma center. his condition unknown. >> also tonight, the wife of the u.s. government contractor still behind bars in cuba, fears for his life after she visits him. it's new tonight. allen was overweight when he was first in prison. now he's anything but. fox 5's will thomas starts off the night with details from his wife's disturbing visit to cuba. >> cuban officials sentenced allen to 16 years for handing out computer equipment that
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gave people internet access. they believe he was going to undermine the government there. he says not true. his wife returned from cuba and she is devastated over his health condition. >> i hate to use this description, but he really does look like a concentration camp victim. his bones stick out, his shoulders are all pointy. >> here's what allen gross looked like before the cuban government locked him up nearly three years ago. and here's an idea of how he looks now. a before and after shot, if you will. in another photo, allen is seen with a prom prominent rabbi able to meet with them. officials there allowed her to see her husband three separate times. allen has lost 105-pounds in the 10-foot by 10-foot cell he shares with two oter prisoners. >> i don't expect him to
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survive. absolutely don't. >> the cuban government sentenced allen to 15 years claiming he was part of a multidollar u.s. effort to undermine the regime by equipping people with internet access. allen seen here in happier times lost on appeal as well. his wife says he was simply helping jewish communities. he was working as a subcontractor on behalf of the u.s. agency for international development. >> the u.s. government sent him there. it was a u.s. government project and they left him out to pasture. that's how allen feels. >> as this 63-year-old withers away in a cuban jail, judy holds on to the good memories and the hope u.s. officials will pressure cuba for allen's release. she says the hardest part, leaving alex behind. >> their good-byes are fast. it's like don't look back. hug and a kiss and that's it. >> the u.s. government has
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always maintained allen gross is innocent and dismissed hints from the cuban government it would trade five human spies accused of ease pi espianage. a website has been set up. you can check our web links right now to find that website. brian. >> following a developing story tonight, a man hunt is on for the killer of a capial heights teenager. 18-year-old merck l ross was gunned down on his way to school this morning. fox 5 is following the story and joins us from the newsroom. >> so far, police have no suspect, no motive. marckel ross' family is making a plea to the public for help. he was on the honor roll and talking about going to college before he was killed. investigators are leaving no stone unturned looking for clues. police cadets did a grid search of the old central avenue in capital heights checking for
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evidence. it's the pathmark path marckel ross took to school every day. she thought it was a dangerous journey to take alone. he was having problems with bullies, even complained to school officials, but she thought things improved. the 11th grader was active in a modeling program for aspiring models and fashion designers. central's principal says he had boundless potential. his mother says he was talented, energetic, and sweet. >> i'm going to miss him very, very daily. that's why i'm not going to rest until i find out who killed my son and why. it was uncalled for. >> i was devastated and hopefully i can get past this. i'm used to waking up and him coming out. >> marckel's brother choked back tears, he wished it would be him rather than marckel. >> karen gray houston tonight. we love you. you're gone, but never, ever
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will be forgotten. >> my father, thomas jay fisher, i love you, daddy. you will always be in my heart. >> it's been 11 years years since terrorists attacked the united states. >> this is a day for the family. so it's only the families on the plaza. >> we are back and thousands of young people want to come here and businesses are coming back here in a strong way. don't count new york out. don't count america out. >> live pictures right now from ground zero. this year's ceremony was in the shadow of the world trade center. : congress came together on the capital steps today to mark the anniversary. spoke of the unity in the country. >> although the terrible violence of that day turned our world upside down. a collective strength and power. >> because as americans, we
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believe that every person counts. that's why we are so haunted by the faces f those who died. by the hopes and dreams that were extinguished. by the families and friendships that were shattered on that crisp september morning eleven years ago. >> house speaker said a greater good has come from americans standing together. many schools across the region mark the 11th anniversary of 9/11. but in montgomery county, the middle schoolers got a history lesson. bob sat in on the class. >> the building did not initially collapse. it initially remained standing. >> montgomery county fire captain was the guest speaker in her social studies class this morning. >> jet fuel from the plane was everywhere and it was thick. there were pools of it and everything was covered with it. >> captain lip was in charge of the urban search and rescue team that was sent to the pentagon. >> all of the survivors were
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actually out of the building by the time we got on site. >> 8:46 a.m. >> they watched a brief video about that september 11 when these sixth graders were newborns and infants. >> my mom has told me a lot about it and how she always reflects on 9/11 and i have also watched a will lot of videos. >> second plane when it hit, the wing went in and then it exploded inside. >> i think about horrible tragedies, suffering, just all around chaos when it comes to what happens at pentagon and the twin towers. >> you guys, as sixth graders. >> knowing how to teach about the terrorist attacks can be tricky. >> their homework assignment was to interview an adult to remember the events of 9/11. and i gave them three questions and then they had to come up with two of their own.
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>> when i interviewed my mom, she said i was at my grandmas watching sesame street. >> i didn't really like talking about it because it was a really sad thing that happened. but we need to know about it and how to prevent it from happening again. >> this middle school's principal says what is just as important to take away from the september 11 terrorist attacks are the positive things that arose from the ashes that terrible day. >> one of the things that is important for kids to learn as they think about 9/11 is that yes, we suffered great loss and tremendous tragedies, but the heros that emerged from that horrible experience stay with us to contribute to our community for the unforseen future. they can be those heros, too. >> from sadness can come hope. in poolsville, maryland, bob barnard, fox 5 news. the big story we're following tonight, one american
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is dead, another wounded after protest tores attacked in libya. stormed by armed men today. the protesters outside were angered by a film produced in the united states. attacked the prophet mohommed. the producers are antimuslim. the consulate was burned during the demonstration. thousands of teachers marched through the streets of chicago on day two of their strike. shawn yancy is everywhere at 11:00. >> no progress is being made on the most important issues. both sides now deadlocked on performance evaluations and recall rights. this means 350,000 students out of the classroom for a second day in a row. no word on whether class will be back in session tomorrow. a washington state teenager finding a rare form of bone cancer is the victim of a cool hoax. a woman falsely pledged $250,000 so she could meet one of the stars of the deadliest catch, who is a friend of the family. well now that woman can't be
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found. the family is suing her in a civil suit. an alaskan fisherman is recovering after spending 24 hours in a plastic bin. ryan harris sang christmas care rolls to keep his spirits up. his fellow crew member managed to get into a survival suit. harris has blisters on his hands, but he is almost 100% back to health. brian. >> hundreds of montgomery county police cruisers are being inspected for possible safety problems. there may be a steering defect in the 2005 through 2011 model ford crown victoria. two of the department's cruisers had steering problems since july. neither incident caused a crash. 1/3 of county's march cruisers are being inspected. officers will drive other vehicles in the meantime. the iphone is expected to debut tomorrow. we'll run through some of the new features that might tempt you. an update on this nice fall weather, too. >> headed for the 40s and low
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50s, but you know what? it's hot in the tropics. we have a new tropical storm. i'll show you where that is. >> heck czech out the rundown, we're back. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.
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american university officials are warning students to be careful. after a female student was assaulted near the campus. the victim was grabbed by a stranger. he screamed for help. the suspect ran off toward the berkshire apartments. the victim described her attacker as 6'3" and a crew cut. a local couple has been dedicated to marking every murder case in d.c. and remembering every victim. now lauren and chris have raised enough money to keep the homicide watch project going after they moved to massachusetts. there's even more than $40,000 in donations through an online fund raising project. a new reason to put down your tablet before you go to bed. shawn yancy is back with your top five fox five. >> we are starting off tonight with free bies in the district. free community concerts in d.c.'s u street and shaw
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neighborhoods. the january shows will take place in area theaters, schools, churches, and gathering spots. they will also perform at howard university january 14. : number four, new guidelines about taking antibiotics. doctors with the infectious disease society of america say most sore throats are caused by viruses and do not even respond to antibiotics. people should only take them if a test confirms they have strep throat. number three, recreational pot smokers are twice as likely to develop testicular cancer. the link involves a specific type of tumor called a no seminoma. >> want a better night sleep? stop using your computer tablet before you go to bed. the bluish light can prevent users from getting a good night's sleep. convincing the brain it's still daytime. and number one, apple is expected to introduce a brand- new iphone tomorrow. the new model is supposed to
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have a bigger screen and work well with 4g networks and gone o sale in a week or two. apple plans to update its phone software, getting rid of apple's mapping software. and brian, that's a look at tonight's fox 5 top 5. >> all right, stunning weather as we get into september. september one of the best months. >> we are continuing the trend. maybe a couple showers, but nothing terrible. live look outside where we have another crisp and good sleeping weather night ahead with temperatures already in many spots down into the 50s. so enjoy it, folks. now i'm not going to start with temperatures tonight. i'm going to start with the newest development in weather tonight at 11:00 and that is that we have a new tropical storm. the tropics still active. nothing here along the east coast that swells from tropical storm lesli have died down. earlier today, we had tropical depression 14 and now it's nadine. it developed a will the of
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convection tonight. it's a thousand miles east of the lesser antilies and moving to the west at 10 to 15 miles an hour. it has winds of 40 miles an hour and it did take a jog to the west to give you some idea of where the islands are here. we think that it will eventually take a turn and probably go up through the north atlantic near bermuda again. but we'll have to watch and see what nadine does. it's rather large circulation. it will give us something to pay attention to while the weather is settled on the east coast. high temperature today, 78 degrees. boston 73. but you can see out to our west, it begins to warm up. st. louis is up to 85 degrees. still some heat in the middle part of the country and cool temperatures up in the northern plains with 66 degrees. today the high in great false, but fargo up to 82 degrees. so the trend with our temperatures will be for it to go up one or two degrees as we go closer to the weekend. our temperature in the city is 66 degrees. but you can see the suburban
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areas down to the 50s. out here, there will be 40s again tonight, humidity will stay low tomorrow. but i don't think the 40s will be as widespread as they were last night. our temperature for hagers tossen and martinsburg in the upper 40s. culpeper at 49. cumberland, we expect you to come in at 47 degrees and baltimore and annapolis in the low 50s overnight. of course we are being ruled by high pressure. it's hard to find a cloud around. just a couple high, thin clouds. slowly starts to make its way to the coast and as it does that, we get more of a south wind and that begins the process of warming us up a little bit. a bit above average. average is 81 degrees. check out the future cast as we go forward in time. showing you the high pressure dominating, which we can see. wednesday, tomorrow night, we'll have a couple showers showing up through the midwest. as we run this all the way out to thursday, still lots of sunshine for us, not much in
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the way of cloud cover, but watch what happens as this line tries to get closer on friday evening. it really breaks up. maybe we get a couple showers out of that on saturday and some of the moisture down to our south. a break on sunday and maybe a few more showers on monday, tuesday. your fox 5 seven-day forecast, a nice run with a couple showers possible on saturday. dry air for sunday and a little wetter for monday and tuesday. all right, that's weather, we're going to send it over to dave ross. i know he needs every second of that sports time tonight. here's his report. >> this is the verison sports desk with dave ross. >> yes, we do. because with every passing game and every passing win, the nationals get closer and closer to serious firsts. as in first ever national league east crown and a first ever trip to the playoffs. isn't it sweet? there is work to be done before they start popping bottles. pregame ceremony with the mets and paying tribute to the
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victims. the mets wearing hats with the nypd on them. never forget, they certainly never will in these parts or up in new york city. nats down 2-1. tyler moore with a man on and the rookie coming through. huge in the clutch. two-run shot, his second as a pinch hitter. move to the top of the 9th. 4-2 nats. brace harper where the bases used to flair the opposite way. a four-hit night for bryce. here comes curt suz, ki. mets lose and the braves lose as well. the magic number, down to 13. the skipper high praise for his bench players. >> with tracy tyler moore and company, these guys have been doing a great job all yearlong. i'm really proud of them and of course tyler moore, a big hit tonight. and i knew he had the power to hit one out, and boom.
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it was sweet. >> ryan bolter one of two highlights from the orioles. jay going dope to left to get out of here. what a night. bottom five, matt getting his power served. did he get enough? off the wall. that is still good enough for hardy. with a two-run double. o's beat them. they are tied by the yankees. coming up, the head coach giving his prize rookie quarterback some serious options. we'll explain after the break. . in a few years, the number of devices in your home will double and what we are doing online takes internet speed, not every network can handle it, verizon fios is 100% fiber optic so it's faster and can handle it. and now there's revolutionary fios quantum speed, more than twice as fast as anything this country has ever seen.
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welcome back. the buzz around d.c. impressed would be an under statement. he also displayed some serious versatility. the redskins not only unveiled their rookie quarterback against the saints, but the option. they kept it under wraps. rg3 ran a similar attack where he rushed over 600 times. it only made sense for the head coach to incorporate it into the offensive scheme. >> i think what is different, you have a guy that will run under 440 and has the capabilities of putting pressure on the defense. you only have to run an option or an option scheme two or three times a game. he may run it ten times a game. in the back of their mind, a defense knows you have the ability to do it. so you have a chance to keep them off balance, even if you don't run it a lot.
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>> keeping them on their toes. maryland is a surprising 2-0 after avenging. trying to go 3-0 this saturday when they host uconn. remember, uconn is where head coach used to coach before leaving for maryland. today he apologized for how he left the huskies in order to take over the terps. >> i had a do over and something that i have to live with. i wish i could have talked to those players in person. but the circumstances in our profession is one that didn't allow that and as i said, that's something that i have to live with. >> top qualifier trying to avenge a friday los to jamaica. a rematch on u.s. soil. gomez and the free kick. oh, he's got it. the u.s. with a critical game edging win over jamaica. 1-0. next up, antigua in
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question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. a bullied school bus monitor collected that huge check. more than 30,000 people donated money to karen kline after she was bullied by kids on a new york school bus in june. kline received a $700,000 check today. she'll use most of it to fund an antibullying group and she will also enjoy her retirement. now you have the news edge.
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as always, thanks for staying up late. see you tomorrow. >> fox 5 news isn't over. go to for news, weather, and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verison.


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